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To live is an extraordinarily big adventure. Go on that dream paradise break you’ve always wanted to go on, go spend some quality time with loved ones in the bushveld or explore places you have never been to before. Your ACI Membership means a practically inflation-proof Holiday Portfolio, so that you can make precious memories, every year, without ever having to compromise on quality and service-excellence. The flexibility of your Portfolio means that you get to enjoy a variety of destinations and holiday experiences, both locally and across South African borders. All of which, you can visit with the assurance that the Resorts champion service and administrative excellence – guaranteeing picture-perfect holidays and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Member Benefits

Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership is an internationally tradable commodity.


Exchanges are unaffected by the exchange rate, as you are able to exchange on a "like-for-like" basis and you can even exchange "up", regardless of what is happening in the economy. Check out our Exchange and Rental Partners for more information on exchanging your booked holiday.

Holiday Portfolio

Your Holiday Portfolio remains as usable as the day you purchased it. You will not require more Club Assets to secure a similar week, in a similar unit, at the same Resort in three years' time or more, than you do now. The total Club Assets per annum may not vary and only seasonal/ school holidays cause fluctuations in individual weeks. In other words, your ACI Club Membership allows you to holiday at today's trading value tomorrow. The only exception will be when resorts undergo major upgrades that affect resort grading and facilities.

The majority of Club Resorts are self-catering, which makes for fun, cost-effective and flexible holidaying. Vacation Ownership Resorts offer spacious, home-away-from-home accommodation which is, in most instances, fully-equipped with all that you require in a home-from-home environment. Many Club Resorts offer school holiday and entertainment programmes and fun events for the whole family.

ACI offers access to a variety of Resorts, destinations and holiday experiences. Members benefit from the flexibility ACI offers with regards to size and type of accommodation, as well as the season (depending on the portfolio and the availability of accommodation). The opportunity exists for you to secure fantastic international destinations with your Portfolio, if you feel the need to cross South Africa’s borders.

Exchange Rates

South African Club Members can secure international accommodation without having to consider currency/exchange rates.


At our ACI Club Resorts, excellence and member experiences is at the heart of the resort management philosophy.

Club Assets

ACI members can borrow or accumulate Club Assets for a period of two or three years, depending on the member's portfolio.

Guest Certificates

Club Members are able to treat friends and family to a holiday, by securing a Guest Certificate booking.

Exchange and Rental Partners


Local and International Exchanges

RCI® is the global provider of leisure travel services to businesses and consumers, and is the worldwide leader in Exchange Holidays. RCI®'s core business is Exchange holidays. RCI® members can exchange their timeshare for holidays all over Southern Africa and the world. RCI® provides its members with quality-assured holidays, at more than 5 000 Resorts in 101 countries through its Global Timeshare Exchange Networks.

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Local and International Exchanges

7Across is on a mission to connect their members with their greatest vacations/holidays, with the least amount of hassle.
7Across promises their members simplicity, transparency and great value travel options, along with a range of great member benefits.
With 3 great ways to travel (Exchange, Bonus and Rental weeks), the opportunities are huge.
What makes 7Across seriously different? No annual membership fees. Really.

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Local Rental
Opportunities really is "the easy way to get away". It offers breakaways to South Africa's favourite destinations – at affordable prices. allows free registration and membership, browsing and booking online, 24/7. Timeshare owners are also able to rent their accommodation out for a monetary return (less a small percentage of commission).

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